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Important notice: this branch was discontinued long ago. A new version is available.

Please visit http://wideimage.sourceforge.net for the new version of library and documentation.
This web site will remain accessible to serve as documentation for the old versions of the library. For help on migration, please refer to the migration guide.
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WideImage, an object-oriented PHP image library

WideImage is an object-oriented library for image manipulation, written in/for PHP 5. It's a pure-PHP library and doesn't require any external libraries apart from the GD2 extension. Most of the code is unit tested with Simpletest, and also being actively used on a few projects with no problems so far. It's released under GNU LGPL 2.1, which effectively means you're allowed to use it in a commercial project for free.

The library focuses on often-used image operations and ease of use. It provides a simple and unified way to loading and saving images from/to files, strings, database and even URLs (load only, must be enabled in PHP). Supports the most common image formats, with more formats on its way.

This is basically how easy it is:
wiImage::load('image.png')->resize(50, 30)->saveToFile('new-image.jpg', 30);

This example loads an image from a PNG file, resizes it to 50x30, and saves it to a JPEG file in low quality (30%).



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WideImage - an Object-Oriented PHP Image Library for Image manipulation
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