Ubuntu/Debian issues

Note: the post below is somewhat outdated, so some of the functions may actually work now. I’ll update it when I get around to it.

A few of WideImage’s operations don’t work on Debian-based Linux systems (such as Ubuntu), because they don’t provide the PHP’s version of GD for security reasons. They use the generic GD, so some functions are missing:

  • imagerotate (really!)
  • imageconvolution (bye bye, applyConvolution)
  • imagefilter (farewell, applyFilter)

And there may be more.

Why other distributions use PHP’s GD, and manage to survive, is beyond me. I’m all for security, but this seems to be a rather big usability issue. I’ve never heard of a server being hacked over GD on Centos, Gentoo, or whatever, while I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about missing imagerotate(). Rotating images, you can’t has!

I could implement these operations in PHP, but I’m probably not going to. So, the only solution is compiling your own PHP with their GD. Or switching the distro, which is what I did the moment I found out about this. Ubuntu is all nice and sweet for a desktop OS, but please.

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