Migrating from 1.0 versions

Here’s a quick guide to migrating to the new version of WideImage. This covers migrating from every 1.0 version (alpha 1, alpha 2, beta 1, beta 2) to the Brand New WideImage. The tutorial isn’t complete, so if you encounter any problems, please post them here.

  • Fix your main include: WideImage.inc.php -> WideImage.php
  • Change loading call: wiImage::load(…) -> WideImage::load(…)
  • Change saveToFile: $image->saveToFile(‘filename’, format, additional parameters) -> $image->saveToFile(‘filename’, additional parameters). Specifying format isn’t supported anymore, and is detected from the file name (extension). If you want to save an image under a different name (without a valid extension), you have to rename the file after saving it. This also concerns those who are using additional parameters (i.e. jpeg quality) and are passing null for format parameter.
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