WideImage 10.07.31 released

WideImage 10.07.31 is available for download.

New features:

  • round corners operation; draws rounded corners with a specified radius and color, supports transparency (demo, API doc, ticket #3035923)
  • resizeCanvas operation; resizes the image area without stretching the image itself (demo, API doc, ticket #2881299)
  • extended smart coordinates: any number of operands in expression is now allowed (documentation, ticket #3036614)
  • smart coordinates support in writeText() method of Canvas object (demo, API doc, ticket #3009284)
  • useFont() shortcut method in Canvas class (demo, API doc, ticket #2833436)
  • Image objects are now serializable #1832358

Bug fixes:

  • fixed asPalette transparency issue #3036803
  • fixed Exception class doesn’t exist issue #3013393
  • fixed rotation bug with transparent images #3009286


  • more documentation
  • a few new demos
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