WideImage 9.09.04 released

First things first. This is a new web site. The old one is still available if you need documentation for the old version of the library.

Next, as you might have noticed, the versioning notation changed to “year.month.day”. I find it simpler to just release the library with a datestamp, then to bother with beta, RC, 1.0, what goes where, whether that particular change makes it 1.1 or 1.0.1, and when it should finally be 2.0. It’s an image manipulation library, not an operating system, after all.

While I was at it, I changed some other things, too. Some of them break backwards-compatibility, so if you’re upgrading from a previous version, you should read through the changes carefully:

  • Classes and files renamed: naming is now PEAR-like, ready for namespaces. This change alone breaks backwards compatibility. Sorry. :)
  • Introducing smart coordinates.
  • A more detailed documentation.
  • API documentation in PHPDoc is now available.
  • Removed $format parameter from saveToFile(). See migration guide.
  • Made loading from uploads and outputting to browser easier
  • Experimental and incomplete BMP support (using code from JPEXS).
  • Decided on the logo. Thanks, Krof :) . For now, because people are still sending me their work.
  • Internals: dropped auto-loading; it caused trouble, and wasn’t particularly useful.
  • Some other features
  • A few new unit tests
  • Some bug fixes (thanks for the bug reports!)

Important: this release breaks backwards-compatibility. See the migration guide for details.

PS. Thank you all for sending me logo suggestions. I selected the simplest-looking, but the decision isn’t final, because I still expect to receive some suggestions.

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